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Most of those cars no longer make the list. Furthermore, there are a handful of affordable electric cars that have jumped into the high-range bracket. Have a look below (and compare to that 2015 list) for more details.

Notably, this list is for electric cars (including SUVs, of course) in the US and Europe. It doesn’t cover electric cars sold only in China or any other countries. When the model has more than one option regarding battery size (and thus range), the ranking is based on the highest possible electric range.

1. Kia Soul EV
111 miles (179 km)

The Kia Soul EV is one of the most interesting electric cars on the market. It doesn’t fit the typical mold of a sedan or hatchback. It’s SUV-like, but certainly isn’t an SUV. It has a hip look. (Or am I out of touch with what hip means?) The Soul EV has ample interior space but is still not a very large vehicle and comes at a rather affordable price.

I’d say 111 miles of range is all you’d need for practically all city driving (unless you’re a Lyft driver), but the vehicle could still be tough to take on a long road trip (for example, across a continent or up & down the US East or West Coast).

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