10 Electric Vehicles With the Longest Ranges

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The electric-vehicle market is continuously expanding, with new models seemingly joining the fray every week. As a result, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are the most appealing — and which ones you should consider. As an Earth Day treat to help out car shoppers especially concerned with range, we’ve rounded up the ten electric vehicles that offer the longest ranges (as of April 2017), delivering the most miles between charges. In other words, these are the cars you’ll want if you aren’t looking to compromise your lifestyle (or suffer from range anxiety) when you buy an EV.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S – 218 to 315 Miles

The Tesla Model S offers the longest range of all electric vehicles. While the base-level Model S 60 comes up short compared to Tesla’s larger Model X and the Chevrolet Bolt, the top-level Model S P100D offers an amazing 315 miles of fully electric range. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap, as it starts around $138,000 — but considering its 0-to-60 time of 2.5 seconds, its impressive practicality, its amazing technology and its tremendous range, the P100D is the closest you’ll come to an electric vehicle where you won’t have to make any compromises — even compared to a world-class sports car.

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