10 Mysterious Planets In The Universe

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Science doesn’t have the explanation for everything that happens around us. There are several things that are out of our reach, exoplanets are few such things. The universe is extremely large and we do not know the mystery behind its creation. We also do not know when it was created, how the planets and solar-systems formed and what is beyond the universe. Several alien planets have been already found by scientists, space observatories and space observers. Few of the planets are against the current scientific theories we know and hence are mysteriously unknown to the space scientists.

Here are the 10 mysterious planets in the universe with little to no scientific explanations:

1 At War Siblings (Kepler-36b and 36c)

The planets Kepler-36b and Kepler-36c are two mysterious planets whose existence is against the current planetary theories and planet formation theories. The two planets orbit the same host star but they come extremely close to each other every 97 days. The two planets are a rare find and they are the first of their kind. It is surprising to know that they have almost the same orbit negating the current planet formation theories. At some points, the two planets come as close as 1,900,000 km giving them planet skies from science fiction movies. Literally, the two planets are at war.

2. Planet with Retrograde Orbit (WASP-17b)

This is another extremely mysterious and rare planet. The giant and puffy planet is 1,000 light years away from Earth. The WASP-17b is first planet ever found to have an orbital rotation opposite to its host star. The discovery of this planet has been a challenge against the traditional planetary formation theory. After its discovery on 11th August 2009, scientists have been keeping a close watch on this planet. On 3 December 2013, scientists observing the planet through the Hubble Space Telescope have found water on its atmosphere. There are several theories to solve the retrograde orbit of the WASP-17b, but none of them are satisfactory.

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