10 things about trying to get a flat belly after age 40​!

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How to reduce weight is an urgent issue for women of all ages. No matter how much the woman weighed, she still wants to reduce the size greatly. With age, quick weight loss is the task that is not simple.
It is arranged by nature that after reaching a certain age the body can no longer work in the same mode as a few years ago: a well-known fact – after 30, every subsequent 10 years, the metabolism is reduced by an average of 10%.
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In addition to metabolism, energy consumption is also reduced. Yes, a woman has to do a lot of housework, but it’s not so easy to get her out of the house, even for an ordinary walk. New conditions for the body, old habits – calories do not have time to be burned, as a logical result we get the problem of excess weight.

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Today, we will disclose 10 secrets that will help get rid of extra pounds after forty years. Scroll down to find out the details.

#1 Eat carbohydrates

Many people mistakenly believe that carbohydrates are harmful substances and should be avoided in order to stay in shape. In fact, this is a mistake. Just add the slow carbohydrates to your ration in the form of beans or nuts.

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#2 Pay more attention to strength training

I know that the most of us have been constantly told that cardio is the only way to lose weight. After forty, everything changes because of the low level of estrogen. Strength training will not only help get rid of excess fat but will also tone the muscles.

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