10 things massive enough to be seen from space

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Pyramids at Giza

Though they cannot be seen distinctly from space with the naked eye, the pyramids of Egypt are a popular subject for satellites and space station astronauts. The pyramid shape is clearly visible from above with a zoom lens or a high-resolution camera. While the desert landscapes are also evident, satellite images show that the pyramids are now partially surrounded by the modern city of Cairo (and abutted by a large golf course).

Greenhouses of Almeria, Spain

Ever wonder what 64,000 acres of plastic greenhouse-like structures would look like from space? Almeria, Spain, has it covered. This historic city in Andalusia Province, in the southeasternmost part of Spain, is at the heart of the country’s agriculture industry and exports almost three-quarters of its crops to other parts of Europe. The reflection from all these greenhouses sitting shoulder-to-shoulder means that the whole area is easily visible from space during the daytime.

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