10 things massive enough to be seen from space

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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is breathtaking in person, no question. But seeing it all at once requires a trip into Earth’s orbit. Satellite images of the Grand Canyon and pictures taken by astronauts on the International Space Station not only show its distinct shape but also other natural and manmade features in the area including Lake Meade, the Colorado Plateau and even the city of Las Vegas. (Astronaut Karen L. Nyberg tweeted this image from the ISS on Oct. 9.)

Ganges River Delta

The 220-mile-wide Ganges River Delta, which covers southern Bangladesh and parts of West Bengal in India, is one of the most distinctive geographic features on Earth. It is rich with wildlife and prone to disastrous flooding on an almost yearly basis. The interesting geographic features of the Delta are best appreciated from orbit. The river deposits large amounts of sediment in the Bay of Bengal and appears to have a light, almost milky color. In this true-color Terra MODIS image from NASA, the Ganges River flows southeast across the image and empties into the bay.

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