11 Extraordinary Places To Go Backpacking Across Canada

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Many people dream of going on a backpacking adventure someday; usually in popular places like Europe, Australia or South America. But people often forget that Canada is also a spectacular place for backpacking, with its diverse landforms and scenic trails.

Here are 13 extraordinary places to go backpacking across Canada:

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

British Columbia

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is a gorgeous hike along the southwestern side of Vancouver Island. Throughout the 47 km trail are several access points that allow you to customize your hike to your liking. Hikers will see beautiful beaches, forests and cliffs on this trail.

Sea to Sky Trail

British Columbia

The Sea to Sky Trail is a winding trail that stretches from Squamish through Whistler and then to the D’Arcy area. Spectacular vantage points can be accessed along the 150-km trail that overlook the British Columbian landscape. Currently, the trail is being developed and only the section from Squamish and past Whistler is available for public use.

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