12 Amazing Nature Photographers to Really Inspire You

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Let’s look at 12 of the most amazing famous nature photographers.

Their work is here to inspire you, and show you what is possible.

12. Joel Sartore

Joel is a photographer who first found himself fascinated by nature as a child. We can tell, judging by the passion found in his scenes. For twenty years, he’s been a contributor to National Geographic.

His photography range is wide. From all kinds of animals in their national habitat. To using aerial shots to show conservational stories.

Joel is also no stranger to the media. Well-known publications feature his work regularly. And it’s also often presented on many national broadcasts.

If you like his images, you can join his 1.1 million followers. That’s right, 1.1 million.

11. Christopher Dodds

Christopher Dodds got his love for nature and wildlife during backpacking trips. He moved to Quebec, Canada, from England when he was a youngster.

Photography has taken him on many adventures. Here, he gets to pursue his passion for wildlife photography, as he has done since 1985.

Now, he travels all over the world. Photographing, leading safaris and teaching nature photo workshops.

If that wasn’t enough, his work features in many prestigious publications, but we can all see why.

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