12 Best Landscape Photographers Today

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Today, we are delighted to bring you a unique experience and introduce you to the 12 best landscape photographers working today. Truthfully, this was a long and difficult task as we struggled to select only a handful of members from one of the most beautiful disciplines. For that reason, we have left out the most famous landscape photographers from the past and are, instead, focusing on those who are easily the future of the art.

We hope you enjoy our selection. Keep your eye on these 12 incredibly talented landscape photographers who all possess a great passion for capturing the heart and soul of landscapes around the globe.

Best Landscape Photographers Working Today

Ted Gore’s work is strong, bold and unique; every image he posts packs an amazing punch with his compositions bordering on both the ambitious and seductive. Based in California, Gore has gained worldwide respect and exposure with his entire portfolio serving as a true testament to nature. He captures landscapes in the most unconventional ways and actively works to give back by offering workshops and instructional videos to provide insight into his creative processes and techniques.

As an artist, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of natural imagery. As a truly modern photographer, he does not struggle to recognize the important of post-production and uses various technologies to ensure his images speak the languages he so desires.

You can enjoy some of his most recent work here. To keep up with his daily activities and see snippets from his portfolio, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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