12 Things You May Not Have Known About the Tesla Model S

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Interesting Facts About the iPhone of the Automotive World

The Tesla Model S is redefining what Americans expect of cars. The Model S is a roaring fast high-performance all-electric vehicle that’s incredibly efficient and totally capable of cross-country trips. Here are a dozen things you may not know about the Model S.

The Model S Is a Hatchback With a Front Trunk (Frunk)

Tesla calls the Model S a sedan, but it’s really a giant hatchback with room enough for kids to sit backwards in an optional third-row jump seat. It has a trunk, too, but it’s in the front. Tesla calls it a “frunk.” In rear-wheel-drive models, the frunk is nearly as big as the trunks in some small sedans. That size is slightly reduced in all-wheel drive models.

Like other hatchbacks, the back seat of the Model S folds down in 60/40 sections, creating a huge flat floor. You’ll be able to bring home large, awkward items, like that rocking chair from the antique store. Even with the back seat raised up, there’s more room under the Model S’ hatch than in many SUVs.

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