14 food supplements proven to keep diabetes in check

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#5. Chromium Picolinate. This element can be used as an additive to normalize blood sugar level.
#6. Vitamin D3. It normalizes the production of insulin in the pancreas, stabilizing blood sugar level, increases the coagulation of calcium in the blood from the kidneys, and promotes the production of protein in the intestine.
#7. Ginseng. It reduces blood sugar level very well.
#8. Milk Thistle. This herb increases the productivity of the liver and does not allow the sugar level to fall below the allowable rate.

Credit: Pixabay
#9. Inulin. It promotes normalization of the general metabolism, in particular carbohydrate, decrease in the raised level of sugar in blood, normalization of physiological processes in the joints, regulates the function of the thyroid gland.
#10. Fenugreek. It has hypoglycemic effect, so it is aimed at reducing blood glucose level.
#11. White Mulberry. The leaves and berries of this plant have always been used for the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Mulberries help the body regulate the level of sugar and lower the response to glucose even after consuming sugar-containing foods.
#12. Psyllium. It treats diseases in the stomach area, and normalizes the blood sugar level in diabetes mellitus.

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