15 surprisingly affordable classic cars

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Spring sees an uptick in classic car purchases, as nostalgic enthusiasts snap up historic convertibles for summer country drives or trips to the continent.

Classics will never be the most practical cars for regular use, but there a few models that are relatively inexpensive to buy, easy to maintain and barely depreciate.

Car insurance and road tax costs can be remarkably little too, and if you own a car registered before 1972, there is no road tax at all.

1. MGB GT/ Roadster

Hugely popular in its day and still one of Britain’s most accessible classic cars, MGBs are easy to repair with many models available today having been extensively restored by loving owners.

Widely considered a good “starter classic”, the hardtop GT is less popular as a summer run-around that the convertible Roadster but they are also generally less expensive than their soft top cousins.

GT owners also have the added kudos of driving a car that has the hand of Sergio Pininfarina in its creation. The design house best known for helping to model generations of Ferraris, was commissioned by MG to develop the GT’s revolutionary sloping roof, providing coupe styling with hatchback practicality.

One MGB GT went on the market this week for £15,000, and only 1500 miles on the clock, but a good target price would be £3,000 to £7,000.

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