5 classic car rallies around the world you didn’t know existed

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If you own a classic car, and want to get the best experiences out of it – have you considered a rally?

Rallies can be highly sociable events that combine great destinations and relaxed competition (for those who wish to compete) with plenty of rest days and special excursions so that participants may explore and enjoy the landscapes and cultures of the countries they visit.

On February 17-19, 2017, The Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction aims to bring you all the information you will need to plan one, offering expert advice and insider tips on classic car rallies from around the world plus the Rally Talk Theatre.

In order to provide some inspiration, in association with Olympia Historic’s exhibitor Rally Round, we have put together five of their classic car rallies you didn’t know existed.

Road to Mandalay (Myanmar)

Once hidden from the world, Myanmar might well be one of the last places you expect to find a classic car rally. Embracing the challenge of underdeveloped road systems and the tempestuous wet season, the Road to Mandalay was the first competitive classic rally to take place in Myanmar in 2014. The three week journey gave participants the opportunity to experience the cultural richness not often seen by outsiders. Extensively planned and supported by Rally Round, the itinerary took drivers to see the most extraordinary sights of the country, from Pagoda temples and botanical gardens to the historic trading crossroads and craft shops.

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