7 Major Reasons why Rolex Watches are so Expensive

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Do you know why Rolex watches are so expensive?

As the crown of celebrities, Rolex is one of the luxury watch brands with worldwide recognition. Rolex was not only Kennedy’s precision jewel (John F. Kennedy – 35th U.S. President), but it is also an essential part of the cinema industry.

For instance, in the James Bond movies, the wristwatch assisted Big in the spying missions of the adroit agent. In 1962, actor Sean Connery used Rolex Submariner 6358 to track down Dr. No. In the 1989 License to Kill, Timothy Dalton appeared with a Rolex Submariner Date. Also, in the 2015 Bond’s adventure in the Spectre, Daniel Craig gleamed with Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre.

With dazzling elegance and functionality, Rolex is one of the best luxury Swiss watchmakers. It is no wonder that some believe that Rolex watches are exclusively for people from a certain class. Before quickly jumping to the conclusion, have you ever wondered why Rolex watches cost a fortune?

Undeniably, prices of Rolex watches vary by model and by collection.

Rolex would try to have its watches available for everyone, but resources and materials used during production need to be taken into consideration too. The attached price tags are perhaps the lowest they can manage to offer.

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