Canada’s 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls

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Canadians are blessed with an abundance of natural wonders with enough lakes, mountains and rivers to explore for a lifetime. We’ve also got some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on Earth. Here are ten of the best to check out.

Helmcken Falls – Wells Gray Provincial Park, B.C.

Helmcken Falls are located in beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park, which was created in part to protect the powerful falls. Tumbling water has gradually created a large canyon at the base of the falls and in the winter frozen spray creates an icy wonderland along the edges. Easily accessible by road, there is a platform available for getting that perfect shot or for an even closer view there are several hikes in the area. Despite being named after John Sebastian Helmcken for his role in bringing British Columbia into confederation, the physician passed away without ever visiting the natural wonder.

Athabasca Falls – Jasper National Park, Alta.

Athabasca Falls are stunning, but they are only part of this beautiful site in Alberta’s legendary Jasper National Park. Cutting through rock or opening onto sweeping mountain vistas, multiple routes and bridges allow for a variety of viewpoints. Before reaching the falls, you’ll walk along the magnificent limestone gorge where fast flowing water has carved away smooth formations leaving pretty little crevices and swirling whirlpools. Ranging from milky white to aqua blue, the striking colour of the water changes throughout the year but is always beautiful.

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