Canada’s 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls

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Pissing Mare Falls – Gros Morne National Park, N.L.

Pissing Mare Falls may have a funny sounding name but they are amongst the highest in Eastern North America. Located in the stunning Gros Morne National Park, the falls are only accessible by boat tour and most of the time the pristine area is pretty much left alone. The falls drop into Western Brook Pond, which is actually a fresh water fjord carved out by glaciers many years ago. Billion-year-old cliffs covered with emerald green foliage provide a dramatic backdrop to this natural phenomenon, making these falls a site to remember.

Shannon Falls – Shannon Falls Provincial Park, B.C.

Shannon Falls is a beautiful waterfall tumbling over a series of granite cliffs into the Howe Sound and eventually the Pacific Ocean. Easy to access and just two kilometres south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway, getting to these falls is a breeze. Best viewed in the spring or autumn, the falls are only 200 metres from the parking lot along a paved path. Once you arrive at the falls, a series of trails and boardwalks allow you to further explore the pretty surroundings. Named after William Shannon, a brick maker who settled in the area in the late 19th century, these falls are third highest in the province.

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