7 Creative Landscape Photography Tips and Ideas

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As a landscape photographer, I can be prone to getting into a rut.  I haven’t spent much time branching out to other genres of photography, so almost all of my photography efforts are geared towards landscape shots.  As a result, my workflow often consists of similar habits: find good light, find a picturesque scene, position an interesting foreground element below it, and press the shutter.  There is nothing wrong with that strategy.  I could make a lifetime of solid images perfecting that workflow.  However, I would eventually start to die a little inside when it would feel like I was taking photos based on habit instead of inspired creativity.  Without learning new techniques, trying new things, and creating different looks, landscape photography will start to feel stale.

This process may not be for everyone, but I find it important to branch out with my photography.  This branching out does not necessarily mean that I need to make drastic changes to keep the photographic process from feeling stale, but it does mean that I want to keep learning new tricks and trying new types of shots, even if those shots are only slight variations from my typical workflow.  There are plenty of ideas and tutorials out there to get your creative juices flowing, both inside and outside of Improve Photography.  The next time you are looking to try something new, take a look at this list and pick something to incorporate into your next landscape shoot.

Light Painting


Landscape photography typically involves planning out shots and waiting for interesting light to illuminate all or portions of the scene in front of you.  The downside of landscape photography is that sometimes these interesting lighting conditions just do not materialize.  Well, as the saying goes, “when life doesn’t throw you lemons, might as well pour yourself a glass of some perfectly good store-bought lemonade instead.”

That’s how the saying goes, right?  Just to be clear: In this metaphor, the store-bought lemonade is artificial lighting…

Light painting offers an endless amount of possibilities.  It can help to illuminate a foreground of wildflowers that won’t hold still so that you can use a faster shutter speed and it can cast creative light on a scene at night.   Light painting can even be used to place creative streaks of light into your scene, sort of like the steel wool effect.  Basically, if you attach a light to a string and start swinging it around within your composition, it is just like swinging around the burning steel wool, just without the risk of arson!

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