Guide: What to Know Before Buying Your First Rolex

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Growing to appreciate watches is one of the signals of gentlemanly adulthood. Watches are, after all, the most utilitarian of all fashion accessories, and they allow for simultaneous feats of design and engineering.

Out of all luxury watchmakers, however, Rolex has managed to become synonymous with timeless elegance and success. For the developing watch connoisseur, a Rolex can be the cornerstone of their watch collection easily. This means that buying a Rolex is an investment worth studying and is usually reserved to celebrate a major achievement or to announce to the world that you have reached your own standard of success.

This reputation did not come cheaply for Rolex, as they have cultivated the art of mass-producing tiny works of portable art for centuries. They have continuously expanded their offers and their market for years, but they have also continued to respect their customers enough to avoid compromising their quality standards.

Nevertheless, even the most affordable Rolex models are still major purchases for most of us. The rise of online shopping means that luxury timepieces are now available for more people than ever, but they have also chipped away at many of the rituals that accompany such a momentous purchase. Beyond the occasional clever forgery, many first-time Rolex buyers may not have the privilege of a personal shopping assistant to help them choose the right model.

This is why we have created this guide. As eager as we are to cork open the champagne and celebrate with you, we want to give you the tools to ensure your first Rolex will make you proud.

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