Is the Tesla Model 3 enough to save the planet?

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I know what you’re thinking: here’s another love story about Elon Musk, the poster boy for technocrats and twenty something’s in Shoreditch warehouses claiming they’re the Uber of everything.

But no, while I appreciate all Musk does for the world of tech and cars, he is, by all accounts, as human as the person eating a bag of Hula Hoops next to me, not an iPad-wielding God. So let’s look past the frenzied media reaction to the launch of the new mass-market Model 3, and get down to what this means for the future of personal transportation.

Tesla Lower Priced Car

First and foremost, the Model 3 will be safe. ‘We care about you, we want you to be safe and we want your friends and family to be safe,’ said Musk at the launch event at the New York auto show last week. This is certainly something you’ll want to know if you’re one of the 276,000 people queuing to buy one. But the Telsa 3’s safety technology could mean more than just peace of mind. With vast numbers of accidents due to driver error each year, the Model 3’s standard Autopilot tech could help reduce the number of collisions.     

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