Most Expensive Tesla, when price doesn’t matter

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Elon Musk, Tesla CEO is now the most disruptive technologist at present, with all his disruptive ideas.

The prime reason of Tesla cars being expensive is their all-electric setup. While other manufactures are pushing on to produce hybrid vehicles running both on fuel and battery, Tesla took a step further to produce 100% electric cars. The company did not take end-user cost as the decisive factor, but too quality as a parameter to create their cars.

Also, the Demand of Tesla cars is an underlying reason of their high price. Tesla does not even have the capacity to produce as many cars as per demand. Tesla cars have grown as the flagship car for the go-green movement. In addition, the cars are equipped with high-tech amenities and features like self-driving and automation. Above all, they best high-performance cars, which are comparatively powerful than most other fuel powered and hybrid cars.

A major chunk of Tesla’s cost is due to its powerful and high-tech batteries. The present cost of batteries Tesla uses now comes to about $500 per kilowatt-hour. Following this math, the Model S Tesla with 60 Kilowatt-hours of capacity got 42.25% of its price coming from battery, adding US $30,000 to its cost. Tesla’s cost has been proportional to the storage capacity of their batteries. The company is being through massive research and development to develop technologies for better performance at cheaper cost. At present, the top models of Tesla cars with their prices are the Roadster, Model X, Model S and Model 3.

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