The 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Canada

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Canada is known for its scenery. From towering mountain peaks to turquoise glacial lakes, the country’s stunning natural beauty draws visitors year-round. But what about its waterfalls? There’s the famous one, of course, but Canada is actually home to dozens of stunning falls all across the country.

If you’re planning a driving holiday in Canada, waterfalls make the ideal stop-offs along your driving routes. They are often located just off major highways and many provincial parks have been set up around waterfalls, providing easy access. With well-marked trails and picnic areas on offer too, they provide the perfect scenic attraction on any road trip. Here are our favourite waterfalls in Canada:

1. Niagara Falls – Niagara, Ontario

As arguably the most famous waterfall in the world, this one had to top the list. Although Niagara Falls doesn’t have the greatest drop in Canada by a long way at 53m, it is by far the widest at 671m across. The curved shape of Horseshoe Falls is iconic, and a trip on the Hornblower boat up to the face of the falls is a must.

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