The 13 best Apple Watch faces for your smartwatch in 2019

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Give your watch a facelift with these top picksPlaying around with the basics is natural when you first set up your Apple Watch, and that includes exploring watch faces and complications.

And though the smartwatch may not support third-party watch faces, there’s an extensive library of Apple’s own options of sift through. Anybody looking for a set of top Apple Watch faces to keep in their dock certainly isn’t short of choice.

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Below, we’ll be highlighting some of the best to choose from, as well as giving you the rundown on complications and instructions on how you can customize everything to your taste.

How do you change faces on Apple Watch?

The easiest way to change the face is by sliding your finger left or right across the screen and scrolling though the different options. If you don’t want to go through endless cycling between your favorites, however, you can also force touch the screen to add and choose from a wider library.

Be aware that this on-watch list isn’t the full library comprehensive list, though; you’ll have to hit the + option on the far right to add new watch faces from the catalogue. This can also be accessed through Apple Watch companion app, where the full Face Gallery is available to add selections to your watch manually.

What are Apple Watch complications?

Complications are the tiny, customizable widgets that appear on watch face and offer a way to personalise your Watch experience – and with the Apple Watch Series 4, they’ve been cranked up another notch.

The great thing about complications is that they give you the information you want in an instant – say, for example, a small look at your battery level to save you from swiping to get it. To change them, simply hit the ‘Customize’ prompt when switching between faces; this allows you to edit the colours, design elements and complications of each watch face and have them saved into the on-watch library.

Best Apple Watch faces for 2019

There are now tons of Apple Watch faces on offer, and the great thing is how customisable they all are. Below, we’ve highlighted our top picks, though make sure to play around with the complications on each and have a good crop of options in your on-watch library that you can switch between when you get bored.

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