These 22 Pro Tips Will Get You Started With Aerial Landscape Photography

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Professional Aerial Photographers Paul Hoelen, Emmanuel Coupé, and Scott Jon McCook are here with the ultimate guide to getting you started with aerials yourself. And of course, they shared some mouthwatering imagery that will make you ask the question: “Are these shot on Earth at all?”

Personal Style

Paul Hoelen

From an artistic point of view, Tasmania-based Photographer Paul Hoelen describes his style as imagery with a sense of elegant simplicity, balance and flow. He’s naturally drawn to sensual shapes, rich textures, and compositions with a strong graphical element, and the use of colour is also a big feature in Hoelen’s work. It goes without saying that his imagery is abstract by its very nature. This, he says, requires something of the viewer that will allow them to potentially take a few different paths with their interpretation.

Paul Hoelen is also supportive of imagery with a message. His current “Altered Lands” group exhibition in Sydney (more information at the bottom) with Scott McCook and Sheldon Pettit is an excellent example of all these elements coming together. It’s a visual exploration of the impacts we have through using the earth as a resource. The concept is to use the universal appeal of aesthetic beauty and strong colour and design to draw people in, then letting the abstract nature of the imagery and underlying layers of meaning take people on a bit of a journey. Hoelen hopes that viewers find themselves at a point of personal reflection concerning their position with the environmental message and cultural comment held within the imagery.

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