Top 10 Apple Watch features

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Apple’s September unveiling of their new line of products covered three new iPhones: The XS, XS Max, and XR. While the new phones do boast some neat features and some definite improvements, the response was a little lukewarm. Many users are holding off to buy the less expensive XR  while others found the XS Max to be generally unwieldy. The phones are all expensive and while there are new features are there really enough to warrant dropping near $1,000?

Since there’s any number of reasons the average Joe might not want to purchase a new iPhone, it was the new and improved Apple Watch that really stole the show.

The Apple Watch sales have blown the iPhone XS out of the water

Unconvinced that the new watch is deserving of your attention? What makes the new Apple Watch so great anyway? After doing some research of our own, these look to be the top 10 reasons you need one in your life.

Top 10 Apple Watch features

1. You can re-use watch bands

Starting small, one nice aspect to the new Apple Watch is that you can re-use the same bands from the old S3 model. It’s nothing ground-breaking and certainly doesn’t do anything in the way of jaw-dropping new tech, but since the bands are as varied in appearance as they are expensive it’s nice to know that anyone who owned an Apple Watch previously will be able to simply substitute in their old bands and not have to buy a whole new one just so it fits the S4.

For a company that’s infamous for trying to get you to drop more cash on accessories and is often accused of planned obsolescence it’s good to see that at least they’re not adding new mandatory wristband purchases to the list.

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