Top 10 Apple Watch features

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2. Walkie-Talkie mode

Walkie-Talkie mode isn’t a new feature for the S4, but if you’re new to Apple Watch, this could be the first feature that catches your interest. Walkie-talkie mode is essentially a FaceTime call that’s interrupted by button presses when you want to speak (much like a real walkie-talkie). It’s useful when you’re out shopping or want to try and find someone in a crowd. We have to admit, though, it can be a little jarring to suddenly hear your friend’s voice coming out of your wrist unannounced!

The reason this didn’t score higher on our list is that while this is certainly a fun feature, the fact that both you and the other user both need the FaceTime app on your iPhone and need to have FaceTime audio set up to make and receive calls just make this feel like a gimmicky side note to the already inherent FaceTime feature. That and the fact that it looks awfully silly when you try to use it without pressing down with your other hand …

3. New watch faces, complications, and info graphs

Aesthetically we can’t argue that the new Apple Watch faces look beautiful. Be it mesmerizing color swells, the cool fresh flow of water pooling across the screen, or a functional spread of complications and info graphs, the fact that users can intuitively customize to their heart’s content is something we want to see more of from Apple – let the people decide how they want the product to look!

If you want to learn more about how to customize your watch face

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