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Rolex has been around for over a century and has been coined in making “the only watch that matters.” Providing reliable and durable timepieces, Rolex is probably the most eminent luxury watch brand in the world.

We’ve rounded up a few little known facts about this iconic company.

1. All of Rolex’s watches are handmade.

It takes about a year to make one Rolex watch. Every watch is painstakingly made by hand in Switzerland. Rolex watches are given all the attention and dedication to ensure they meet the coveted brand’s strict standards. Virtually everything is made from base materials in-house. Once all the parts for a Rolex watch are completed, they are then mostly hand-assembled and independently tested. The quality assurance process is rather intense.

2. Every single Rolex is pressure-tested before leaving the plant.

Being at the forefront of water resistant technology involves a multitude of steps. Every Rolex is placed in a sensitive air-pressure chamber to determine if there are any air leaks in the case. If a medical-grade optical sensor finds any condensation or water infiltration, the watch is scrapped.

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