Top 8 things you did not know about Rolex watches

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What Mercedes Benz is to automobiles, Rolex is to watches. Since decades it is the first and the last word for many when it comes to luxury watches. Today, the Swiss watchmaker’s timepieces are flaunted by everyone from David Beckham to Drake to the Kardashians. Though we may recognize Rolex watches as a symbol of wealth and status, the brand has a lot more to it than meets the eye. First founded in 1905, Rolex has been around for over a century and with a long life like that, you know there must be more than a few stories in their vault. Today we’ve rounded up a few little known facts about this iconic company; some are surprising while others are downright shocking!

8. German POW’s and World War II 

Rolex was marketing their watches even in the midst of World War II. Many members of the British Royal Air Force supposedly wore Rolexes bought with their own money into the war, but upon being shot down, their watches were seized before they were imprisoned. Wilsdorf heard about this and offered the prisoners of war an opportunity to buy a Rolex while in prison and pay when they were eventually released. While it was a show of good faith from Wilsdorf, it seems a bit hard that poor British prisoners of war had bills to think of even in prison.

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