Top Apple Watch Series 4 features

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The Apple Watch Series 4 (read Zac’s full review) is the biggest upgrade to the Apple Watch since the product launched back in the spring of 2015. New features include an all new design, stainless steel gold color, faster internals, brand new watch faces, and more. Watch our hands-on unboxing and overview, as we discuss the top Apple Watch Series 4 features.

Reuse the same watch bands

If you’ve invested a lot of money into acquiring different types of bands for the last three generations of Apple Watch, you’ll be happy to know that those same bands will work on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Faster S4 system in a package

The new S4 system in a package is, according to Apple, two times faster than the previous S3 chip. The result is an Apple Watch that boots faster, launches apps faster, and feels more responsive overall. This is the first version of the Apple Watch that feels downright fast to me with virtually no delay for any operation.

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